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Infrastructure for Cellular Network Coverage in Namibia, is among the best in Africa. However MTC, Namibia’s leading telecommunications provider, realized that many Namibians in remote and rural areas, as well as urban, cannot afford a decent smartphone, and consequently, cannot connect and share with their peers across this wide network.

We decided to launch MTC’s latest affordable smartphone by creating a character that personifies the phone, oSmartPhona. This smooth, savvy and enlightened character represents an entire new world of colour, knowledge, experiences and moments that open up once you’re introduced to a smartphone for the first time. oSmartPhona, now easily available, accessible and affordable, is bringing digitalization to more Namibians, and is living up to MTC’s mission to connect people and improve their lives through technology.

oSmartPhona Advantage Y&R Namibia MTC Smartphone Campaign
oSmartPhona MTC campaign Advantage Y&R
oSmartPhona Roadshow MTC campaign Advantage Y&R
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